for the cost of one euro-hour Eurofighter in 2013. The solid well-researched information about aeroplanes is brilliantly combined with an irreverent attitude and real insight into the dangerous romantic world of combat aircraft. F-22 Raptor vs Sukhoi SU-35 F-22 Raptor. In BVR: The Russian Irbis-E has a higher scan range than the Rafale’s RBE-2AA even though the former is PESA. I will add an estimate in brackets for the Kuwaiti/Qatari standard Typhoon with the ‘Radar 0’ version of the CAPTOR-E AESA which is flying and enters service this year in Kuwait. Eurofighter and Gripen are hung from a hanging container with a Lightning II infrared front-view system, a container with a higher-performance DAMOCLES television-laser target, and sensitive elements of which allow the recognition of armoured vehicles at a distance of up to 27 km, which also increases the chances of survival of the French fighter when using precision weapons. Typhoon’s habit of fighting at very high speeds and altitude for BVR engagements will result in a longer effective range on Meteor shots, but in practice there are almost no scenarios short of a full scale war with Russia where the rules of engagement would allow shots at such a range where that difference would tell. Low-observabilityBoth Rafale and Typhoon have low observable features but quite frankly neither is a low observable type. This is a significant advantage over Typhoon in the TAC-R role. Expert analysis of weapons, tactics and technology. THE JAS 39C can also carry the SPK 39 reconnaissance container, which includes an optoelectronic sensor and digital imaging system. THE TAURUS KEPD-150 (TAURUS L) is a lightweight version with fewer fuel tanks and a lightweight BPC for lower-capacity carriers. AVIATION / AEROSPACE. ( Log Out /  Del Rafale non se ne fa nulla. Typhoon has had successes in Qatar and Kuwait, and a signature of intent from Saudi Arabia for another 48 aircraft soon. The flip side is that both AMRAAM variants have advanced off-board guidance capabilities to allow passive engagements in cooperation with another aircraft in active mode. In the near future, their combat capabilities will increase significantly, which will allow them to remain in service for many years to come. The Indonesian defence minister made quite some headlines recently when he indicated that Jakarta wants to buy the entire fleet of Eurofighter Typhoons from Austria. Rafal and EF-2000 use the British-French KR Storm Shadow/SCALP EG (British/French designation), Eurofighter and Gripen can use the Swedish-German CD KEPD-150/350 TAURUS (the Swedish Air Force has not been supplied as of 2019). Your email address will not be published. (Also Damocles is replaced by TALIOS as part of F3R.). However, Brimstone is not designed to produce area effects or destroy structures, so for such targets the AASM family provides far more capability, especially with the larger ‘bomb’ body variants. The lower the altitude, the greater Rafale’s margin of advantage; the higher one goes, the better Typhoon performs relatively. Brimstone’s smaller size also allows more weapons to be carried per aircraft, with three per hardpoint on adaptors. A Rafale negyedik generációs, szuperszonikus vadászbombázó repülőgép, melyet Franciaországban gyártanak. However, Rafale can also use the RECO-NG wide area/standoff TAC-R pod to provide a modern, fully digital equivalent to RAPTOR. The Rafal can be used specifically to disable the Apache runway with a range of up to 140 km. It should be remembered... Invisibility, or the concept of reducing the ability of a weapon to be discovered by an enemy, dates back to when prehistoric humans sewed a... American military watch magazine recently ranked the best fighters available in the Air Force of the Middle East region. What are the role of Indian LCH and Apache Helicopter ? Standard. A pilot from either of those two fighters would find little out of place or unfamiliar in terms of cockpit layout, although the internal menus and system logic may be different from what they are used to. How many Meteor could be carried in a wartime emergency? The RAF’s Tranche 3 jets. Meanwhile the new Qatari standard Rafales are being delivered with the type’s first HMD, but the French Air Force still lacks this capability, and the system is still to be matured. US development efforts have emphasised these cooperative engagement capabilities (CEC) far more than French ones over the past two decades, and Typhoon benefits from that weapon heritage. A Francia Haditengerészetnél az F–8 Crusader elfogóvadászokat és a Super Étendard vadászbombázókat, a Francia Légierőnél pedig a Mirage 2000-eseket, a Jaguarokat és a Mirage F1-eseket fogja leváltani.A haditengerészet első Rafale-százada, a 12F 2004. június 25-én, mig a légierő … O istorie a contractului din India . F-35 Lightning II vs F-15E Strike Eagle F-22 Raptor. The cost of operation is much cheaper for the Swedish JAS 39C with a flight hour cost from $4,700 to $7,000. Both types have a similar ferry range with a ‘heavy’ three tank fit. They are capable of hitting ground targets moving at speeds of up to 80 km/h (U.S. GBU-12 – 40 km/h). With the use of the GBU-39, Gripen’s ability to directly support troops looks more than worthy compared to the larger European fighters. Rafale, EF-2000 and JAS 39E aircraft can be suspended by up to four portable missiles (PKR), and two missiles can be fired on the JAS-39C. Euro (!) COMPARE. If you’ve enjoyed an article please donate here. China can copy everything except aircraft engines. Unless he has access to the official EM charts for both, he is simply guessing. Both Typhoon and Rafale can launch capable standoff cruise missiles in the shape of the Storm Shadow/SCALP and Taurus KEPD 350. What is the best Typhoon variant today and why? HOME. In terms of instantaneous turn rate, Rafale has a slight advantage in air combat configuration and that increases with heavier multirole or strike loads. BY TYPE. Both Typhoon and Rafale lack a commonly carried anti-radiation missile, although modern AAM such as AMRAAM and Meteor can be assumed to have a certain degree of ARM capability in extremis. For Rafale, Meteor is regularly carried by the F3R standard aircraft on live operational sorties by both the Armee de l’Air and Aeronavale. The French Air Force’s latest F3R aircraft with the RBE2 and Meteor are, on balance, likely to be the most capable Rafales around for much the same reasons as the RAF’s Tranche 3 Typhoons are. Air-to-groundRBE2 as a multifunction AESA radar gives far more air-to-ground functionality than CAPTOR-M. (Radar 0 is optimised for air-to-air and is unlikely to challenge RBE2 in this arena). To do this, it is hung with a RECO-NG container with IR and television reconnaissance equipment, capable of operating in day and night conditions at altitudes from 60 to 15,000 m. It allows you to obtain a television image of remote ground objects with high resolution. Both aircraft have similar IRST sensors. With heavy loads, however, Rafale performs significantly better than Typhoon across the almost the entire performance envelope, having been designed from the outset to incorporate heavy multirole loads. Their job is to deter and if necessary provide overmatch against the latest hostile fighter types. As far as I’m aware the Rafale has so far only been cleared for Meteor carriage on the two side-fuselage hardpoints although I could be wrong on that. This site needs a small donation from you to continue. The Aerodynamic Modification Kit (AMK) developed by Eurofighter would address these limitations and greatly improve the instantaneous turn rate and agility at all speeds with heavy loads, but so far no operator has bought it – suggesting they are broadly satisfied with the aircraft as is. On the JAS 39E modification, the range of weapons has increased markedly and includes KAB GBU-12, GBU-16, GBU-49, GBU-22, GBU-24, GBU-53 small diameter bombs, AGM-154 tactical guided-missile systems, AGM-158 JASSM cruise missiles. The wartime load-out for Typhoon would by four Meteor in semi-recessed fuselage mounts plus four ASRAAM/IRIS-T although in practice a mix of Meteor and AMRAAM might be chosen for additional tactical flexibility and stockpile management. China’s Shandong aircraft carrier completes sea trial, but not combat ready, The 5 most powerful stealth weapons ever built by the US, Top 5 Best Fighter Aircraft In Middle East. At low altitudes Rafale’s energy retention is slightly better at best corner speed, whilst at higher altitudes Typhoon has better energy retention. We went back to Justin Bronk and asked him to revisit this analysis to include half a decade’s worth of development and weapons integration which has now placed these two aircraft at the top of their game. For export operators, things are much more dependent on fleet size and support contract structures than the differences between each aircraft type. I guess it would take a lot of money to upgrade them to the latest version? Rafale : The Rafale is fitted with the Snecma M88 engine, capable of providing up to 50 kN (11,250 lbf) of dry thrust and 75 kN (16,900 lbf) with afterburners. It has grown significantly and has come close to the cost of competitors. Recommended donation £15. Curious on what he bases his comments on instantaneous and sustained turn rate. The RBE2 radar has continued to mature and is now a standout feature of the jet, whilst the French government has committed to a major upgrade of the jet’s internal systems and sensors in the upcoming F4 standard programme. Information can be transmitted to a ground station in real-time at a rate of 50 Mbps. ( Log Out /  They’re trying to do something much more ambitious; although in many scenarios the output is functionally similar. Thus, the bomb is able to plan and its range reaches 110 km (!) ( Log Out /  Both Typhoon and Rafale lack a commonly carried anti-radiation missile, although modern AAM such as AMRAAM and Meteor can be assumed to have a certain degree of ARM capability in extremis. Comparison of Eurofighter Typhoon (EF2000) and Dassault Rafale Direct side-by-side comparison of two aircraft. Fascinating insights into exceptionally obscure warplanes. Based on the physical properties of the two aircraft I’d suspect the Rafale has a higher instantaneous rate, but at the same time the Typhoon should have a superior sustained turn rate irrespective of altitude thanks to signifantly higher thrust and a lower induced drag. The UK’s much more ambitious (and now funded) ECRS2 promises a massive leap in AESA capability with areas of advantage even over the latest US AESAs, but is so far only likely to be integrated onto the 40 Tranche 3s, with the fate of the 67 Tranche 2s less certain in that regard. What is Typhoon’s configuration designed to excel at, and the same for Rafale? The Rafale’s RCS reduction won’t be much of a use due to Sukhoi’s L-band antennas built into the wing’s leading edges and rudders which can pick up faint … The latter was deleted from the latest F3R standard aircraft pending an updated capability in the F4 standard jets, leaving a laser rangefinder/EO ball only. If it was a priority to up the Meteor carriage on Rafale to four, I expect that could be done at the cost of MICA numbers on the centre underwing station. How frequently is Meteor actually carried in 2020?Tranche 2 and 3 Typhoons regularly carry Meteor on live operational sorties with European users, although the Tranche 1s do not use the missile which is why the RAF purchased the latest AIM-120D for its remaining Tranche 1s. Why? With just about two months to go for the biggest air show in Asia, the registrations for Aero India 2021 are steadily growing. Rowland White, author of the best-selling ‘Vulcan 607’, I’ve selected the richest juiciest cuts of Hush-Kit, added a huge slab of new unpublished material, and with Unbound, I want to create a beautiful coffee-table book. (according to various sources, 2012 estimate). The initial F1 standard was delivered with an initial batch of Rafale Ms for the Aéronautique Navale or Aeronavale (French Navy air arm) equipped for air-to-air … The GIAT has the advantage in maximum possible firing rate (of 2500rpm vs 1700rpm) although in practice both would likely fire at comparable rates for both air-to-air or air-to-ground use to make best use of very limited ammunition (125 rounds for Rafale, 150 for Typhoon). Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to do the same with the French Air Force (hint hint mes amis!). F-22 Raptor vs SU-30MKI F-22 Raptor. The Swedish “baby” will thus surpass Eurofighter and Rafal in the strike capabilities. In February at Aero India, IAF chief, … Typhoon versus Rafale, culisele victoriei franceze in India. Specifications of Rafale Rafale can attain a maximum speed of Mach 1.8/750 kt (2,222.6km per hour) and can climb to up to 50,000 ft. (RBE2 likely to still beat Radar 0 upon IOC due to more mature system and HMI). … The F-22 is a flat out joke unless you want to use it unarmed as a spy plane or in long range dog fights. In terms of load carrying capacity, ECM, subsonic agility, low and medium altitude WVR performance and cost Rafale F3R would also likely still come out ahead of a Tranche 2 or 3 P3E standard Typhoon. However, after the installation of the MS20 software, it was able to use small-diameter GBU-39 bombs (up to 8 pieces). However, those will not be in service for several years so are not included here. The Modi government's move to cancel the original Rafale deal and buy 36 jets off the rack ran into controversy, with the Congress party raising … Which is doing better on the export market and why? This is all relative, however, as both aircraft perform very similarly in most scenarios compared to other types. “If you have any interest in aviation, you’ll be surprised, entertained and fascinated by Hush-Kit – the world’s best aviation blog”. Air-to-air engagements at short ranges and why?RBE2 due to much faster AESA scan, acquisition and classification of target capabilities, greater resistance to dropping contacts during manoeuvres, as well as excellent information display for pilots in F3R cockpit. Rafale’s SCALP and Typhoon’s Storm Shadow are essentially the same (extremely capable but very expensive) missile from MBDA. France’s AASM ‘Hammer’ series of glide and boosted bomb guidance kits gives Rafale a comparable capability to Paveway IV with a greater amount of warhead and range flexibility. Some points to be corrected: From the cocaine, blood and flying scarves of World War One dogfighting to the dark arts of modern air combat, here is an enthralling ode to these brutally exciting killing machines. Typhoon has to make do with a less than fully optimised TAC-R pod as the RAPTOR pod fitted to Tornado GR.4 was not integrated when the latter was retired – in part because of centreline store size limitations on Typhoon due to the front landing gear leg placement. Required fields are marked *. Both aircraft originate from a single nation, both are close-coupled canard designs, and both were designed with a balanced approach towards being a true "multirole" fighter. The fact that Kuwaiti Typhoons are already flying with the export AESA is a welcome but long overdue improvement but Typhoon really continues to lag in terms of exploitation of its huge potential (given the massive nose aperture and power available) in the AESA department. The UK’s Typhoons in particular are more closely integrated with the USAF air dominance community than (any) other fighter arm so have more practice in getting the most out of cooperative engagements with F-22s in realistic training scenarios. by Swarajya Staff - Feb 20, 2019 06:00 PM. Rafale has a superior ECM (electronic attack) capability in the shape of the SPECTRA suite allowing it more options to degrade the performance of hostile SAM radars if it needs to penetrate defended airspace. However, even within the RAF, the older Tranche 1s are much more costly to fly and difficult to maintain than the new Tranche 3s. In the running are Mikoyan’s MiG-35, the Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, Saab Gripen, Boeing F/A-18E/F and Lockheed Martin F-16. The downside of SPK 39 is that it is not possible to transmit intelligence in real-time. The Rafale was also designed from the outset as a nuclear delivery system, which was not a major consideration for the Eurofighter nations. It must be said that the price tag for European planes is quite high, even compared to American traditionally expensive aircraft, which is an undoubted disadvantage. It can track a fully loaded Rafale from distances more than 200km and Rafale won’t be even aware of it. Rafale has a superior ECM (electronic attack) capability in the shape of the SPECTRA suite allowing it more options to degrade the performance of hostile SAM radars if it needs to penetrate … Saab responded with an initial proposal on 2 July 2008; other contenders were the Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon. The S-500 Prometey: Antidote To Hypersonic Weapons, Unbreakable 50-year record of Soviet submarine, Chinese media on the purchase of S-400 by India, INDIA getting ready to meet 500 tanks of a new generation of Russian-made T-14 Armata, There Is No Match Between India And Pakistan : Chinese Expert. China Has Deployed J-11, J-16 Fighter Jets In Increased Numbers To Counter Indian Air Force At LAC. In within-visual range combat, both Typhoon and Rafale would likely destroy each other in the merge in a 1v1 or 2v2. Range: 3,600 km: 3,700 km: Max speed: Mach 2.25 (2,390 km/h, 1,490 mph) Mach 1.8 (1,912 km/h) Service ceiling: 18,000 m: 15,235 m: Weight empty: 18.4 t: 10.3 t Notes: … Rafale is a omnirole fighter from his conception, not the typhoon and the argument is to give more engine thrust or longer range radar is bogus because you must take into consideration all the other parameters, weight, radar syrface, weapon system, aerodynamics etc …Rafale is a must of fighter jet combat. Your selected aircraft are compared in side-by-side arrangement below. It also has American-made CABs. CAPTOR-M (has the advantage) against larger targets such as bombers or MiG-31 ‘Foxhound’s due to a much larger aperture and generally higher altitude perch during air-to-air engagements. A few months later, India and France signed an agreement to buy 36 Rafale jets 'off the rack', i.e. The typhoon would be destroyed before it even knew the JSF was there. Pre-order your copy now right here. I would particularly like to note the French designers who managed to create a really good universal aircraft for both the Air Force and the Navy, whose requirements for combat vehicles are contradictory. Currently, a new version of JAS 39E with advanced capabilities is offered for export, which will be a good competition for Rafale and Eurofighter. The Eurofighter's CAPTOR-E stands out by having an additional 50% more T/R (transmit/receive) modules, about 1,500 to the 1,000 T/R modules of the Gripen's Selex Raven ES-05. For such targets, Typhoon users would employ Paveway II/III/IV series weapons. The exact cost per flight hour (a hugely contentious topic anyway) will depend greatly on which operator and which version you are looking at. I would say this has to be counted as the definitive Rafale v Typhoon comparison for the early 2020s. The cost of 36 Rafale aircraft cannot be directly compared to the cost … However, to have a decent probability of kill against modern long range air defence radars, these missiles require accurate real time target location data. Rafale is designed to excel at subsonic speeds and at lower altitudes. Also Damocles is replaced by TALIOS as part of F3R. The drawback is extremely high munitions cost. For reference the German/Spanish ‘Radar 1’ standard will add further capabilities and the UK’s ECRS2 version will be a different beast entirely with advanced ground mapping, GMTI and EW capabilities in addition to traditional AESA functions. How do fighter pilots toilet during flight? Your email address will not be published. This is a realistic comparison … Both can use third party target data to launch Meteor without active radar scanning by the launch aircraft, and both can hand off guidance in flight to other friendly assets. Germany has cleared its Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missile but since German politicians do not believe that Air Forces should be used to kill people, its capabilities remain untested in combat. The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes is a beautifully designed, highly visual, collection of the best articles from the fascinating world of military aviation –hand-picked from the highly acclaimed Hush-kit online magazine (and mixed with a heavy punch of new exclusive material). BY CONFLICT. As similar as the Rafale is to the Typhoon, it shares even more in common with the Gripen. In essence, the only real basic difference between the two is the number of engines. In terms of unit cost, Rafale is marketed as cheaper than the latest standards of Typhoon, although the Indian experience would suggest that in practice export customer requirements on industrial offsets and liability can dramatically alter costs compared to the up-front offer, so I’d be wary of comparing public cost claims from either manufacturer. L’Italia dispone di poco meno di 100 esemplari, se non ricordo male, che utilizza in configurazione di caccia intercettore e per superiorità aerea. Digital processing is used to improve image quality. It should be said that the KEPD-350 is developing a whole family of KR with different combat units: The main means of hitting ground targets for all European vehicles are the American-made adjustable air bombs (CAA) with laser guidance weighing up to 900 kg. Among the advantages of “Rafale” is its ability to conduct intelligence. In April 2015, during PM Modi's visit to France, he announced a deal to directly buy 36 … Support Hush-Kit with our high quality aviation themed merchandise here. During NATO’s military campaign against Libya in 2011, Brimstone missiles were used against tanks on the streets of Misrata. PIRATE is a genuinely exceptional IRST, although for years shortages of spare parts limited its use by various frontline squadrons. In practice, however, Typhoon users with Sniper or Lightning III can off-board data using the jet’s own datalinks. However, the deal could not be finalised by the UPA regime. Frankly, Switzerland should be flying Gripen C/D or possibly E/F given their national budget, neutrality and mission requirements and I’d wager anyone who looks at it from an operational requirements point of view would come to a similar conclusion. Copyright Defence View 2020 © All rights reserved. The BK27 has slightly better muzzle velocity and ballistic properties whilst the GIAT has slightly better destructive effect due to its larger shell. It is still a brutal performer compared to most other fighters, but cannot match Typhoon’s climb rate and brute thrust especially at higher altitudes. In the SBD II variant, it is capable of hitting moving mobile targets. directly from Dassault with none of the aircraft being made in India. However, if talking about a ‘guns’ fight, then Rafale has better agility, instantaneous turn and sustained turn capabilities below around 15,000ft. Typhoon is designed to excel in acceleration, climb rate and supersonic performance and agility at high altitudes for maximum beyond visual range capability.